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    Recognized as "Best in Class”, Tegent has been supplying and maintaining the instruments you count on. After nearly 20 years of continuous efforts, we have a passionate, highly professional service team which provides comprehensive, efficient and timely technical support and maintenance service for thousands of customers.

    With Service center operating in countrywide, including 3 prototype labs. You can trust us to provide a full range of maintenance and the personalized support.

We offer the following variety of after-sales service:

• Maintenance contracts: services for equipment in contract term;
• Relocate, reinstall, upgrade, or preventive maintenance for equipment, etc.;
• Annual calibration and 3Q certification service for instruments;
• Instrument operator training;
• Spare parts for repairing, instrument complements, standard substances and consumables, related documents for application, and so on.

You can contact service@tegent.com.cn

 Service Hotline:4009 000 900