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Tegent Successfully Attended the 7th Solid Phase Microextraction Technology Seminar

Release time锛2017-04-17

March 24-26, 2017, by the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Chemistry and the Sun Yat-sen University School of Chemistry jointly organized the seventh session of the solid-phase microextraction technology seminar in Zhongshan University Fengsheng Tang successfully held.Tegent attended the conference with the products of Heidolph锛孯adleys锛孒ettich锛孏erstel, etc and introduced to a large number of customers.

The theme of this conference is chemistry and material, we provided demonstration and introduction of related products. On exhibition stand we demonstrated Heidolph rotary evaporation apparatus, overhead stirrer and magnetic stirrer, Radleys 250 ml heating block and 400 mm air condenser, Hettich 220R centrifuges.Also we introduced GerstelMPS Robotic.There are many students and teachers be attracted to visit and inquire, our product specialists and sales supported detail introduction of their interested products and discussed the related issues of the instruments.

The Exhibition was successfully hosted with the efforts of all parties, and acquired a good promotion effect, as well as increased the popularity of Tegent and recognition of products.