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Rubix and Tegent established a strategic cooperative relationship

Release time锛2017-05-17

Heartly congratulate that Tegent will be the exclusive authorized agent in China for the Rubix since May 2017 and will be responsible for the brand promotion in the pharmaceutical market, supply the goods and provide all the after-sales services.


Rubix specializes in indoor and outdoor environmental quality real-time remote monitoring, such as temperature and humidity, noise, light, TVOC, PM2.5, vibration, can effectively help improve the working environment, so as to improve work efficiency and creativity.


Tegent is the leading supplier in the scientific instruments industry area in China and provide the service in different areas including life science, industry, pharmaceutical, government, education research, oil and chemical industry and etc. There are 20 offices for sales, 3 service centers, 1 demo experimental lab and many distributors. The joint of Rubix make Tegent can provide more complete solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

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