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Tegent Attended the online environmental monitoring product forum 2017

Release time锛2017-08-22

The Online environmental monitoring product forum is on 10th Aug. at Beijing Baolinxuan hotel. Many imported laboratory instruments from Tegent were on show.

During the forum, Gerstel MPS and TDS from Germany, DANI static Headspace and thermal desorber from Italy and Waters HPLC won the recognition of most customers because of the high quality and performance. We communicate with the customers about pretreatment technic of GC especially the SBME technic and give some better solution of VOCs and SVOCs for water and air pretreatment

Tegent, as one distributor of the laboratory instrument, will provide the best service for the new and old customers, if you want to know more information about the products, please kindly have a call.

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